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There are 4 types of parents, if we wish to use the 4 sons as an analogy.

a. The Chacham - The WISE ones - These are those who just happen to be aware of some kind of inconsistency in their children's language development, because they were trained to notice it, or were looking for it already. Therefore, they

are able to screen their children right away to note whether dyslexia is the culprit.

b. The Rashah - The TOO-WISE ones - These are the parents who, of course, are not bad. However, they are just too wise. They think that they if they push enough, and get tutors around the clock, everything will be okay. They know that their child is struggling, but think they could beat the system.

c. The Tam - The SIMPLE ones - These are those that are just looking for the truth. Whatever it is, they are eager to get to the bottom of it. No matter what stage of the game it is, they want to see the brightness of their children's faces reflected in the light or darkness, because their children now know that everything is going to be okay, even when it's hard. Why?, because the kids can feel the movement. Life is brimming with untold possibilities once the movement occurs. Although these parents are simple, they are smart enough to know that a happy child is a child who has an unconscious "knowing" that they are now "knowing" in a good way, a way that works for them.

d. The She'aina Yo'daya Lish'ole - The ones who DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ASK - These are the ones who don't know to ask, but when they are told, they jump on the band-wagon. Now. a child with a parent like that is super lucky because their parents are making it possible for them to "fix it" before they even know that there is a fight, in many cases. Schools now have systems where screenings can detect signs of dyslexia before it even shows up at all. These are the bright kids, the ones who answer first, catch the ball on the first try, and say the right answer at the right time (enough times) that the other times are just not noticed. Within their brightness, however, there is a splash of insecurity that can creep up in a way that's not even noticed. Why is that? Although we don't notice, the kids do notice, and unconsciously wonder what is wrong with them. These are those parents' chance to not only set up their children for success, but to also banish the insecurities, and allow these children to address their difficulties in a framework that actually builds them, as they grow from a deeper knowledge of themselves, and from the energy they exerted to make progress and succeed.


Summer is your chance

To help your child do a dance

The type that stands for doing what she should

When she thought she never could!


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