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What They Are Saying...

I wish I could pay for this forever - he enjoys being out of class and feels successful with you :-)


Thank you, thank you!!!!

He is progressing so fast under your tutelage and he is so happy when he comes home. I just played punch buggy with him and he was excited to play and read the cards using the hand motions. we really really appreciate you!!

Please cc ____ on your reports which I think are awesome.

Thank you for keeping on top of all the myriad of issues...and that's just for my kid...

...I feel very confident with my kids in your hands.  _________ would most likely have been in public school... 

Thank you for your keeping track of his progress. It was so enlightening and exciting for me to see you both in action! I can see why he loves going to work with you!

...Whereas, I am always in awe when I watch you teaching children.  I wish I could observe you for a week. You are gifted...- FELOW EDUCATOR

AND...What They Are Saying...

The level of expertise and effectiveness of the entire resource department increased exponentially under Mrs. Friedman’s guidance.  There are a number of qualities that Mrs. Friedman brought to the program that propelled it to a new level.

Mrs. Friedman is extremely passionate about special education.  She believes in the students’ abilities to learn and succeed.  She rigorously advocates for the student in the classroom and the main stream instructors accede to her requests, thus there is a consistency between the main classroom and the resource class.

Mrs. Friedman conveys her belief in the ability of each student to the student himself and the student then feels motivated to push forward.  The teachers in the resource room share this optimism and also admire the never ending stream of innovations that Mrs. Friedman introduces. One of the innovations that struck me was the use of narrative to convey accomplishments as opposed to a letter grade system.

  When my daughter was in the resource room she benefitted greatly from the introduction of many of Linda Moode Bell’s innovations in education such as Visualization and Verbalization.  Other programs such as Fast Forward were also introduced.  Mrs. Friedman is always researching and investigating the latest techniques in special education in order to provide the richest most successful experience to her students. -  PARENT AND TEACHER

I have been extremely impressed by Esther’s keen insights into the children, her desire to understand them thoroughly and accurately, and her ability to articulate the key issues affecting each child.  Her astute observations and questions push me to explain the children I evaluate even more clearly, and I feel fortunate for this process and for the students who benefit.  Moreover, she is always thinking about the practical, educational goal—how do we translate this information into teaching and supporting the child at school.  Esther takes a leadership role not only with her resource staff but with the entire team—the classroom teachers, counselors and principals—leading us to a unified understanding and practical plan.  She always brings a positive outlook, to the challenge of helping the child, as well as the plan ahead of us.  She brings a wonderful energy, to understand and to do, which lifts the energy of the entire group.  


Esther brings this talent and joy as she works directly with children, and as a team player and leader with her colleagues.  - NEURO-PSYCHOLOGIST

...I feel I have blossomed as a teacher while working in the resource room and you were a large part of it...I will miss your intuitiveness as to what students need an what will work for them and your understanding that the best way to remediate is to strengthen the underlying issue...   - CO-WORKER

...retrained me in data collection, goal writing, and so many different reading programs...   - STAFF

Esther has been the team leader on several special projects including a new Hebrew reading program, a new English reading program, and a technology based cognitive skills training program.  Esther has garnered nothing but respect from her peers and she is a great supervisor.  I, personally, have learned more from her than from my BA and MS degrees. 


AND...STAY TUNED for WHAT THEY (the kids) Are Saying...

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