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Cuz Sounds Are Toys, Just All Grown Up

Why Sound Toys? Kids and Parent Speak.

Child - The fidgets we use are all "in", so my parent was immediately willing to buy it for me, and all I have to do is play a game with them once in a while that's easy."

Parent - I didn't realize how hard it would be for my kid to just say 4 different sounds to match the PushPoP colors. I never knew that Phonemic Awareness can just be about sound uniqueness.

Child - "I like to predict first on the predictospin² because then I get goosebumps on my legs and hands as I wait to see if I'm right."

Parent - "When my Kid picks up a card and says the sound wrong, I just have him look in the PredictoSpin Square's mirror to fix his mouth shape based on the the sound."

Child - "I can't stand when my parents say, "look again," when I'm reading. Now they just say the color PushPoP, and then I figure it out."

Parent - "My kid has become on first-name basis with sounds. It's kind of cool. The A+ guy is like a real image in his head that matches the sound. He used to mix up the segol and tzairai and I thought had to with how they looked similar. Now, with the added + to the A, he's able to stretch it out, just by being clued in with the A+ Character.

Child - "When we first did PushPoPs, I had trouble remembering to say oo and not oe, or e and not i but then I made up different funny voices for each sound, and now we all use these voices. It's like a private joke."

Parent - My 4 year old daughter, just naturally gets the right noise when popping the sound colors for fun, as soon as she gets her fingers in the shape we've been using, matching the specific Push PoP.

Child - "Now my mom doesn't mind if I fidget during our reading time with the Magic Tree House book. All I have to do in exchange, is answer questions about them once in a while. I don't even mind, because then I could read the word right on the second try instead of the 5th try. Also, when it comes again, I remember it, because I remember the Push PoP that helped me the first time.

Parent - "When we got the pushPoPs, and saw the comic and instructions, we started playing the "don't be last game", and then next time we figured out that we could make it harder by all kinds of other funny mannerisms, like using different poppers with matching colors.

Child - "I'm the only in my family who could do the diamond spin on all surfaces. It's cool to watch the characters appear as the spin is slowing down." I'm suddenly the cool one in school.

Parent - "Once we figured out the concept of Predicting first for sounds, we use that idea for school-work too, by covering up a word, playing prediction games, and then seeing who can say PredictoSpin² first."

Child - My Dad even allows me to spin during HW time as long as I predict how the PredictoSpin² will land based on a character sound first.

Parent - "When I suggest we do PredictoSpin², all my other kids get into it and want to play with us. My kid who really needs, it feels part of the crowd, and not even different."

Child - "This has been the only manipulative for reading that I don't mind playing, because it's really simple, and the sound part is just based on talking, not reading."

Parent - "I could go through a whole day without really reading with my kids, but then feel like she's reading well at night, not stumbling as I expected after a long playful weekend. It must have been related to the PushPoP sound games."

Child - "When I read, I picture PushPoP colors in my head when someone corrects with the right sound. Then, I change my mouth to the shape of the matching PushPop."

Parent - "The directions are very simple and versatile, so any type of game works for both the sound toys as long as it relates to the overall theme of predicting or sound popping with the right finger pattern." I bought it with this link.

Child - "My older sister even lets me be in charge of choosing and rules to our PredictoSpin² game, and we laugh like crazy as we play. I love when I get to do it past my bedtime."

Older Sister - "I see my younger sister trying out the sounds or catching me when I forget to say my prediction sound first in the mirror. It's actually the only reading-based game that is fair between readers at different levels. I don't have to PRETEND to lose.

I bought it with this link..

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