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This is a beginning Kriah program which encompasses many underlying difficulties in its creation and implementation. The main book and supplementary parts is available on Amazon CreateSpace and is linked below. Please click on Discover More to order a PDF version for yourself of the main book containing letter characters, poems, and explanations of letter/sound profiles, or some quick videos, showing this program's success with children as young as one or two, or implementation previews.  Check out  our events for specific training in this and other methods, and our power point training.  Finally, contact us to start  this method now through consulatations and/or ordering of supplementary materials.




2.  Nekudos 10 for 10
  1. Letter Sounds That STICK

We have listed here some of our programs in Kriah.  When working with kids individually, we personalize programs to the underlying difficulty represented, but continue to use these research-based practices that are included in these 3 programs here.  For parents who want to do it themselves, we have created all the materials and training to implement the first step of letter/sound identification on your own. It can, and has been known to work for as kids as young as one or two, because of its multi-sensory, action-based letter pictures, as students begin to connect with the concept of sounds and print.  For parents who choose the consultation option, we are here to train you step by step.

3.  SOrting Your sorts 
What about English Reading?
What does programming mean?



 This program encompasses many underlying issues as students graduate to vowels identification, differentiation, and mixed blending in words.  We have found that for students who struggle, it usually takes about 10 sessions to be consistently reading with all 10 nekudos.

This program brings your child, with underlying issues affecting reading, to the final step of Hebrew Reading, as they masterfully read words with multi-syllables, go through the process of fluency, and begin seeing words with an analysis and excitement that will allow Hebrew Reading to become part of them.

Engish Reading is a much more varied process as it relates to the profile and goals of each child. Therefore, I have created a system of how to approach your child through choosing and personalizing  a goal set that applies to you child's needs from a complete system of all the possible ways reading struggles can be affecting your child. This is for parents and teachers we train to use our Visionary Reading philosophy.  Please click here to contact us to see the goals and analysis for an area with which you would  like to teach in a step by step fashion. For personal analysis for Visionary Reading, this goal set is broken down even more, as we figure out the exact way to approach your child's needs and master the goals.

What can I do at home to strengthen underlying difficulties?
Discover More

The following is available  to help YOU choose games that best address the underlying issue with which your child struggles.  This is a fun way to still be a parent, while educating at the same time, and watching the transformation of your child as he/she changes cognitively.

For Language Games, we may highlight DIX IT, which works on abstract thinking. You child needs to come up with a phrase or thought,  or match a phrase to a picture, in a way that is not too obvious, but obvious enough, to help the team players choose his picture or choose the correct picture. We find the kids with abstract thinking difficulities are the ones who end up loving this game.  For processing speed, one of our choices is punch buggy, which requires your child to remember what he said, and decide if it matches to the card that is out already. For Working Memory, Distraction is a great game to have fun while holding somehting in your memory and doing something else.  I've seen kids change their whole profile with  this game as part of their home-program.  All these games here  can be borrowed from our Educational Library.  Contact us to become a member and see the full list of categories, game choices,and links, or for a complementary consultation.

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