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2016 Study for First Graders  in school setting - Our average grade advancement was 1.3 grade levels (about 8 level increments) for resource students.

All students, originally struggling readers, receiving full support, reached the end of first grade level for decoding.

In addiiton, our reseach in past years has shown 17.5%ile rise on total underlying Phonological Processing Skills and 29%ile rise on the GORT Fluency for  2nd graders.  We're talking narrowing the gap fully.

STAY TUNED for DIBELS research showing our results from  7 years straight implementation.

We have also done Fast ForWord  research that has isolated the most ideal kind of candidates to use the program and benefit from it in a wholesome way.  CLICK HERE to find out more information about this study and for a Fast ForWord consultation.


This  study was done for a 2 month period.  All students received Kriah instruction after teachers were trained in Visionary Reading. However, selected classes participated in the training with consultation time as they implemented Kriah programming with their classes..

The resource students received 1 on 1 remediation using Visionary Reading Philosophy and tracking for about 2 hours total during those 2 months.

The results demonstrated that the students who received resource made more significant improvement than those who did not receive resource.  All classes made improvements that were drastic.  The benchmark rate went up  from 50 to only 35 students not reaching benchmark. Finally, the teachers who implemented with consultation showed higher improvemetns for their class as a whole in the area with which they concentrated. Click on button below to see the chart of scores on this study.

109 syllables - resource improvement        

97 syllables - non-resource improvement

1st Grade – 16 syllable improvement

3rd grade – 16 syllable improvement

2nd grade – 13 syllable improvement

Best scores in classes who either received more resource or who implemented more criteria of Visionary Reading into the classroom.  See underlined scores. In addition, for those classes that focused on a specific program within Visionary Reading, that was directly correlated with the progress seen.

Resource improvement is more than non-resource improvement     109 syllables  to only 97 syllables  (If resource kids had always been making improvements like this, they would never have even been in resource and they would have been ahead of their peers without underlying difficulties in reading.)

5-2 9-2 6-4 13-9 7-6 4-4 8-7/8= 50 to 35 kids not reaching benchmark between November and Februrary

We went from 50 kids not reaching benchmark to only 35 in 2 months with only about 4 hours of resource.

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