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As part of Fitting it and Finding it, we make sure we understand your child's current profile and pattern of behaviors, so that all the pieces fit together. It usually takes about 90 minutes spent with your child to figure out the profile of strengths, pattern of responses, and underlying issues causing the struggles that are occuring so we can make the difference we know we will make.

  • Evaluations taking in the whole profile and picture.

  • Evaluations to help reach and move toward practical solutions

  • Evaluations usings cognitive, educational,and informal testing and observations.

Option 1:  Evaluation for the purpose of creating a FIT IT plan so that you and the school can understand your child better.

Option 2 : Evaluation for the purpose of creating a FIT IT plan, so that VISIONARY READING can create a program plan for your child and move toward the FIGHT IT step as we reach for success..

Option 3:  Evaluation for the purpose of understanding your child better now and for the future will full cognitive and educational levels, recommendations, and analysis. This can either be part of a consultation with you and/or the school staff for next steps and ideas, where we work together to help you support your child, or within a next step of a program plan where we personally help you child.

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