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Feel free to take a rest on an empty shelf

Because then we can shoot a picture, to remember how you did it YOURSELF

When you climb your wall, make sure to only look down, but not up

Because you'll see how much you have done already but not what's still left in your cup

Keep in mind that you can let go without losing your pride

You just need to remember that G-d holds your harness, so falling is just a ride

Sometimes climbing the same wall again, just in a different way

Allows for more fun and sophitication to prepare you for other walls to be okay

If you are almost at the end, but you're too tired to go on

It may be better to stay with "almost", and try again at dawn

There are different types of walls with different types of themes,

Each is meant for a someone to be successful owning specific memes.

The higher you are, the more fun it is to slide down

So strive to climb the wall and then enjoy your turn with the gown

When a cheering committe is present, you tend to do much better on your wall climbing skills

Especially when the cheering committe believes in you more than you believe in your own, as it's a matter of wills.

When the next foothold is nowhere to be found

You can be creative to find an alternative lurking around.

The walls that look so tempting and easy to climb

May be harder than you think, when it's your time

If you put your foot and hand in the same hold

You may gets smushed from just one mold

Sometimes a kid needs an initial push from you

To be able to flourish all anew.

That's it, I'm done, at least for now

Remember this as your kids each become their own WOW.

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