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  • Esther G. Friedman

Arbah Bonim, Arbah Horim

There are 4 type of parents...



ERRONEOUS THOUGHT PROCESS - Visionary Reading is JUST tutoring. It's not about fixing the underlying gaps or going through a process to reach goals.

"Hey, wait, we just heard our child reading yesterday. It looks like he doesn't need "tutoring" (I don't do tutoring) anymore. It was all just a fluke. It turns out he can really read when he wants it to work. After all, he read to us for the first time yesterday from his kriah book."

THE RASHA (in the nicest way possible)

ERRONEOUS THOUGHT PROCESS - Hey, I can't go through with this because it means I was wrong the whole time. To see success suddenly, which I did see the first session, caused me to feel unworthy and lacking in providing the best for my child. After all, if it was this easy, I wasted all these years of my child's pain.)

"You know, I have to think about this some more...and look into some more options..."


ERRONEOUS THOUGHT PROCESS - I called Visionary Reading because the school told me I should to help my child, but this is such a big bother for me to follow up on it. Anyway, the school said they would do the rest, and the school knows everything. I will just ignore the bothersome thoughts as to why the school seems to be taking years to bring my child to grade level. After all, they always know best. In meanwhile, what's the big deal with putting reading on hold for a few months?

“Things are too busy at home. Let's stop for now and start again when everything feels desperate."


CORRECT THOUGHT PROCESS - Here is my chance to fix my child's reading for good. I don't care what obstacle is before me. I WILL grab it. I mean, they are providing full remediation in both Hebrew and English reading in JUST 25 sessions?!

"My daughter who is 17 wants to do this too." (and the daughter) "No, I don't mind coming in through the front door. I WANT to fix my Hebrew reading."

"Let's do this 3 times a week, since training works best with rapid results."

"My husband lost his job, but we still need to finish this in the best way possible, even though we completed the Hebrew already. How can we do this while still getting her English reading above her class level and completely remediated so she can grow on her own? If we have the chance now, and she's on a roll, I don't want to stop and lose momentum. Let's move on to the new program."

"My kid officially graduated your HEBREW program last week, but let's keep it up so he doesn't lose it. He won't read at home by himself, and it will only stay if natural reading occurs. Can we now join it with the ENGLISH program and do the hybrid? I heard it's magical."



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