• Esther G. Friedman M.Ed.


DYSLEXIA DIAL 492 TM, is at our finger tips, it's WILD

Would you, Could you, if you could just KNOW

Whether or not a child's reading will naturally grow?

Nope, not even to know right now with this deal

My answer is NO, I resent it, this whole shpiel

But what about if you can prevent a heart torn apart

From seeing a child who could have been helped from the start?

No, not even for one heart, a kid who missed out from the start,

Not even for the child who may not naturally grow.

I just can't do this, cuz it's MY show.

Would you, Could you with the right approach in your hands

Which itch to make a difference on your side of our lands?

Look, I can hear your plea

But this is not JUST about me

I reject your offer out of hand

Not the heart reason, and not the one about land

Not even KNOWING early can change my stand

My employees would not go for this SCAND(al)

I hear, but if I offered your employees a fortune teller

To tell you which is their best bet for a "seller"

They would then be all over me

Wanting to know what they can get for free

No, that's not me, Can't you see.

Magic is not my cup of tea

You're trying to tell me, it can be figured out

In 15 minutes, a whole life route?

I am a skeptical type, so my answer isn't hype

When I say it's not possible, the time in not ripe

Would you, Could you stop letting time go by

If I told you we can suggest what to do on the fly

A manner of ensuring we could TAKE IT AWAY

Say goodbye to the trouble and hello in one day

Listen Madame, please just go away

The answer is no, you'll do as I SAY

Where will we find the funds?

I can just imagine it will be tons

I mean, most Psycho-Educational tests

Take forever even at their very best

And what am I left with, you may ask

Just a report without an immediate task

Right, so that's why I'm here

You just got caught in my net

Something that you will never ever regret

If anything is your barrier to helping kids

Money and Time get the highest bids

Would you, Could you consider this case

If I told you 15 minutes is all there is to its base

And then only paying for the time it takes

To tell you the underlying cause and WHAT TO DO,no fakes

WAIT, you're telling me

That I will see

After a 15 minute face to face

What is exactly my student's case

And what to do next, without a vacation

Like whether it's dyslexia, or maybe motivation

WAIT, I take this ALL back

I don't want my students to lack

I DO love the Visionary Reading approach


When can you come and make it all right?