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  • Esther Friedman M.Ed.

From the desk of the cutest 5-year-old ever!


From THE DESK OF a 5-YEAR-OLD with dyslexia - ME

I can sing the abc

But have to start again when distracted by a different key

At the same time, I can remember the word crescent

When the lady at the science museum was discussing the moons descent


I trick my doctor into thinking I’m okay.

Those 1 second pauses are beyond his black and white screening, there’s no room for gray

At the same time, I have no need for tricks

When charming my best uncle with perceptive comments that are way beyond slick


I make up rules and games like no one’s business

When I have the stamina and energy, life is just creative bliss

However, when someone else creates the reading rules, and I need to balance both parts of my brain

I can’t help it but make it clear that I really feel the unbearable strain


When I tell my dad something where yesterday is temporarily tomorrow

He understands me and laughs it off like when I said LEND IT instead of BORROW

Or except vs. including

When I’m all serious and never brooding.

But there are times strangers look at me funny

When “Thought I Said Itis” is a bet for anyone’s money

(Because what I meant to say is not on their itinerary)


I can always say something just when I want to say it without thinking

I don’t struggle at all, I bet I’m hardly blinking

But why is it when the whole class is staring

Or the adult is waiting for an answer and looking so uncaring

That suddenly I need to look like the grump of a kid

Who won’t answer as if “I’m not telling” is my bid


The answer to these questions must start with an awareness from YOU

In an age of flying cars, magicians, robots, and Mars trips with a fee

Can’t we take dyslexia to a new level while I could still be me

There must be an expert who can help balance my brain’s activity like new

Fixing my weaknesses through use of my strengths too

All while enhancing the qualities that stamp me to be free

And allowing reading to really be accessible through a carved-out key

PS: I’m told there IS such a thing now.

PPS: To see my real doodles for each stanza, please email me at (I'm serious!)


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