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  • Esther G. Friedman M.Ed.


Dyslexia Feelings BEFORE going to Reading Therapy

Shame - There's something very wrong with me, and I don't want anyone to know, so I need to do everything I can to hide it.

Confusion - Why does it work for others and not for me?

Why does everything else work for me so well except for this?

Doubt - How do I know when it's going to come out right when I read and when it's not?

Resistance - I'm just not going to try in case it doesn't work.

Anxiety - Maybe if I plan it exactly right over and over again, I can make my day go okay.

Dyslexia Feelings AFTER going to Reading Therapy

Pride - Nothing can take away from how smart I really am!

Justice - I know the truth about myself and so does my trainer. Even she can tell how smart I am. That means that I don't have to do anything to prove it to anyone.

Relief - There is something going on with my reading that makes it harder for me, but every day I move up a notch as it tries to reach my true intellegence (which is way higher than most of my friends).

Trust in Myself - I don't have to calculate in my head anymore whether it's going to work or not, because I see the graph showing my progress.

Understanding - I have creative qualities that far surpass my peers, and I can choose which one to highlight at any moment in time.

Ability to Take Risks - I've seen how taking risks has always worked in some way, so it's worth it


I now associate reading with the most exhilerating, and most unique games possible, that have absolutely nothing to do with reading actual words, so the connections in my brain have taught me to let out those "being okay" endorphins when I read.

*If you'd like your child to relax as they pick up books, and read for fun, you may want to try out our SKYPE options.

**For the first THREE customers, we guarantee results or your money back. (We are confident based on our success rate.) Email or Text for details.**

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