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The Girl Who Faked It

"The biggest problem with dyslexic kids is not the perceptual problem, it is the perception of themselves. That was my biggest problem."

Bruce Jenner

The biggest problem with dyslexic kids is not their Phonological Perception problem. Rather, it could be the PERCEPTION of the adults in their lives to recognize that there is help out there that can allow them to PERCEIVE themselves as readers who are multi-talented.

Esther Friedman

She was the first to charm, never sad

was a talking, walking baby ad

nothing to hide and honest to a fault

She was like a graceful gymnast sticking a vault

if only for a split second her words would halt

There was nothing to fake.

In first grade, she was first chosen, so fine

She threw the ball in a way that made the others pine

But when the random letters tended to stall

no one noticed because she knew when to creep down the hall

She felt a twinge but she faked it.

In second, she was tall and cute

She even played the flute

When reading, the words were now coming out only okay

(which was strange in her kind of way)

but she sometimes said it right which made it easy to look away

She felt anxious but she faked it.

In third, the world was hers

but those words were now thorns and burs

They didn't follow her rules

like her friends who chose to be fools

She felt dumb but she faked it.

By the time fourth grade hailed

and the book reports that reigned were supposed to be nailed

She was still the craze

but life felt like such a haze

As she had to magically transform those pages

to look like she was not one of those cases

She felt like a fake...



Why wait for this? Allow your children VICTORY before the fight. Don't gloss over what they need with a little here and there help.

Fix it permanently and give them SELF CONFIDENCE for a lifetime as they learn to read and trust in their phenomenal strengths at the same time!

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