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  • Esther G. Friedman

You said WHAT? (and why did my child just come to my car all energized and invigorated ready to conq

People question how a child with a reading disability can really be remediated and fill in the missing gaps to be reading on grade level with an average of just 15 sessions.

I would too! Why does everyone else claim it takes years, or at least a year, and even Lindamood Bell can only do it when given quadruple the time (4 hours a day).

But it DOES work. After all, the proof lies in the pudding. The kids even look invigorated and fresh coming out of it.

But the naysayers ask:

You might say you could do it in 15 sessions.

You may also say you could keep my kid happy.


Isn't there some pressure involved here?

And what about the fact that my kid looks invigorated coming out? How do you explain that?

We have some philosophies that aide this process.

What are they?

1. Progress is constantly monitored through visual and colorful charts regulated by your one and only child.

"Guess what, sweetie, this is Sarah against Sarah. Your goal is for Sarah 1 to beat Sarah 2."

"This was you yesterday and now look at you today even as we added one more hard part to it."

2. Progress is with the skills that prep. for reading, not just for reading itself.

" Wow! You acted out more sounds today that I presented to you. You're processing got faster."

3. Kids see it working and analyze themselves.

"Oh. I see how I did it differently that time."

"That was me!"

"This way works but that doesn't."

4. Kids use shtick and more shtick. Almost everything is shtick constantly revitalized.

"What's that?"

"Can I record it this time?"

"You have a new snake this time!"

5. Kids watch themselves fix underlying mistakes and monitor themselves as they use the shtick as it's all turned into a game.

"Hey, I pushed that button and then realized I forgot to squeeze that thing and that made me remember it."

6. Kids know their goals.

"I already did reversing that 4 syllable word backward. We're up to the "saying it fast" one.

7. Last but not least (for here at least). It works!

"Could we just read one more page? I want to see what happens."

(Trainer) " But then you have to read it!"

"I don't care. It's easy. Are you sure we went up levels. It doesn't feel like it."

(Trainer)...only one more session...


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