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  • Esther Friedman M.Ed.

New Book Link and Springing into Freedom

Check out our new book, "Bubbles /B/ Bais and His Character Friends", presented with full color, "jump out at you", alive characters, with poems that describe EACH unique character, designed in a way that your child will not forget them.  This is especially modeled for the english speaker learning hebrew letters, with engaging characters that are relatable and connectable to the sounds and shapes of the letters and vowels in four different ways that allow for complete connection and retention.

  It includes BOTH a parent insert and flashcards for your child!

Special sale going on now at 10 dollars off, extended only until the end of the week. You are the only ones to know of this special offer which will only last until after Pesach.  The correct link to check it out and purchase it is Bubbles /B/ Bais and His Character Friends

Dream YOUR Dreams

Spring Ahead, in this season of freedom of thought, and give your child the ultimate freedom, the gift of reading on her own.  If you don't want to present your child with this gift, stop reading now. If your child has reading struggles, and you are interested in a program that will take care of them, face those challenges "head on" through "heading" toward the route with which they can be treated  once and for all, so they can dreams their dreams, and you can dream yours, too.

Talking about this opportunity, now is your chance to get last dibs at Visionary Reading for space in our spring programs after Pesach. We only have a limited of openings left to "read' your children into the READERS they deserve to become.  We have a variety of program and payment options to fit every child and every budget, while returning the glow of light into your child's eyes that you remember from them as a toddler investigating and discovering, a preschooler navigating relationships with social smarts, and a budding intellectual successfully sparkling with talent and dreams. 

He deserves it! She deserves it! One Time Fits All. That's all it takes. Freedom is discipline, fighting your fight, and winning.  Contact us at to get more information about our new program protocols, or to arrange an evaluation to find the perfect fit for the program designed just for your child: individualized and systemized.  

NEW: Has your child learned how to read, perhaps through us, but is still struggling with underlying learning skills affecting other skills such as chumash, math, or general consistency?  We now have a set cognitive training program geared to unique profiles, guaranteed.

PS:  We're now hiring.

Sweet Dreams!

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