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  • Esther Friedman M.Ed.

How to Correct Your Child While He Or She Is Reading

When your child is reading, focus on the refreshing, fun, and excitement that he is able to find meaning at last in the written word. But what happens when the meaning gets lost? Breathe deeply. Don't get stuck on the negative thoughts from the past. Your child is now a reader. That is why is why he is reading to you. He wants to show off and feels good about it. So what you can you say? Here are three different strategies and ideas.

A. Wait until the end of the sentence and then ask, "Wait, what's going on? Can he tell you what's happening or not?" If he can't, ask him where it started getting confusing, and start reading again from there. Explain to him that small words can change the whole meaning, and even though he is a reader now, a teeny word can change the whole meaning for anyone. Good readers go back and FIX. For fun, ask him what it would have meant if he said it wrong.

B. Cover up the page and ask her what she said, and for the middle, beginning, or ending sound in the word she said based on her error. She will then likely correct the word immediately. If she does not, ask her what she pictured for that sound, and look back at the word and see if it matches.

C. Tell him the mistake and ask him why he think he made it. Discuss how it would change the meaning if it was read wrong, and when he would realize that it was wrong.

All these ways will encourage your sweet one to grow in reading while still keeping their confidence blooming.

Good Luck and Enjoy your new reader!

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