The Elephants of Conga Village Return

April 24, 2020


 Once there was an elephant.

His name was Bingo.

His friends thought he was the A+ student in Conga Elementary.

Bingo was different. He knew he was the A+ student.

That was his identity...




The elephants in Conga Village all have personal challenges which they overcome by facing themselves fearlessly and humorously. Friends help each other in the most tantalizing manner. Trunks become very important for expressing emotions.


Mrs. Esther G. Friedman will be hosting a group of zoom sessions to allow children all over to find out what happens to Bingo and his friends.




*BONUS*  For those who answer questions during the conference, 20% off discount will be offered to them for sessions with Visionary Reading's director during Core-Own A-Game Season.


Looking forward!


The Visionary Reading and Core-Own-A-Game Staff

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