It's like Pizza Playing Peekaboo with my Tongue






I can't read.


Why is it that when I was young, 

my worst problem was when the pizza would play peekaboo with my tongue?


But now that I am older, the words are even BOLDER

 Just when I'm about to clinch it, something comes along and JINKS it?


I Know That I Can  FIND THE PIZZA Now, So Why Can't I FIND THE SOUNDS?


Why is it that when I talk to my friends, I have the ability to smooth out any rough ends
But when I read that word, which I have to sound out first, it has a tendency to fall apart and burst


I know I am socially smart, so why can't I read? 


Why is that when I draw, I can assimilate details that you can't
But when I read, I come out sounding as if I'm on a slant


I know I am artistic, so why can't I read?


Why is it that I can hit the football like no one's business
But when I mean to say something, it comes out as a miss



I know I am athletic, so why can't I read?


Why is it that I am a whiz at "getting it" in my head
But when it comes to holding onto the rote stuff, I feel like all I see is what's marked in red


I know I am perceptive, so why can't I read?


Why is that I can fake it to everyone else that I read just fine
But the real me sees that I am deficient, and just can't get away from that sign




Why is it that my parents won't look at this post and see the truth
And send me to Visionary Reading where I will like to read like any other youth


Then those words I read will finally be true

And listen to what I tell them to do


I know  My PARENTS LOVE ME SO WHY can't I read?


(P.S. I heard they do skype.)








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