Did you ever wish there was a way to slay our child's biggest enemy before it attacks?

I did


That’s why I made it my mission to find the way.


Did you ever wish that there was a way that you could be sure what to do from the age of four?

I did


That’s why my research has shown shown me what to do using the core elements of my testing results





Did you ever wish there was a way you could have a hand in your child's success in school?

I did


That's why I predict it before it happens


Did you ever wish that your child could be happy through being challenged?

I did


That's why I created a program that is constantly moving at the ideal level of growth



Did you ever wish that your child could feel some sense of ownership in her own growth?

I did


That's why I created a program in which your child is the one who charts it herself.


Did you ever wish  that your child would take risks?

I did


That's why I created a risk-based program in which the child gambles on his success and watches it earn dividends


Did you ever wish that your child would really hear when you say something?

I did


That's why I learned how to talk so children will hold on to what I say


Did you ever wish emotional issues would be seperated from the reading ones and slowly dissapear?

I did


That's why I've given children permission to try


Did you ever wish that natural endorphins would somehow appear while your child is doing the hardest task of her life? 

I did.


That's why I created  an intrinsic and extrensic motivational system that works


Did you ever wish that your child will use his competitiveness in a healthy way?

I did.


That's why it's all about getting better, pushing harder, and beating herself from last time, while the intensity increases, as they learn that I have my "hard" and they have their "hard" to push past


Did you ever wish that your child would just master a hard task once and for all?

I did.


That's why I created Visionary Reading where it is happening every day!!


Visionary Reading is EXPANDING


We have a variety of options available including LONG DISTANCE. Call or email for DETAILS.


 Did you EVER wish your child can go back to the "CAREFREE" days?






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