Rethinking...Are Bais and Vais really twins?


Is it really all in the teaching? We call the Bais and Vais twins because they look similar, rhyme, and come next to each other in the alphabet. What would happen if we would pair letters together differently in the first place, by their sound? Truly, according to sound, the bais and vais are very different.



The BAIS is a lip popper. Say /b/.

1.  Your lips pops open.

2.  How long can you say the sound /b/ for?   That's right. Only for a second. It's called a STOP sound, As soon as you start to extend it, you add an /u/.

3.  Touch your throat when you say /b/. Do you feel anything. Now close your ears.  Do you hear how loud it is?

Bubbles /B/ Bais is a LOUD, STOP sound in which you pop your mouth open.


WE  HAVE TWO CONTESTANTS. Let's see who is more of a twin to the BAIS.


CHOICE A:  Introducing The VAIS

1.  You bite your lip with downward air.

2.  How long can you say the sound /v/ for? That's right. For a long time, It's called a LONG sound.

3. Touch your throat. Do you feel anything when you say this sound? Now close your ears. Do you see how loud it is?

Vroom /V/ Vais is a LOUD, LONG sound in which you bite your lips and let out cool air.


CHOICE B:  Introducing The PAY

1.  Your lips pop open

2.  How long an you say the sound /p/? That's right, only for  a second. It's called a STOP sound.  As soon as you start to extend it, you add an /u/.

3.  Touch your throat when you say /p/.  Do you feel anything? That's right. It's quiet with no noise.

 Pirate /P/ Pay is a QUIET, STOP sound in which you pop open your mouth.



Who is the real twin to the BAIS? The PAY has more similarities. The Bais and the Pay are both lip poppers with stop sounds. They are different, as all twins are different, because one is the loud type and one is the quiet type.   What would happen if we would teach letters using the real twins as twins based on sound. It is so much easier to teach it right according to the sound type of twins.  Would our children even get mixed up between the Bais and the Vais again?  Try it and see for yourself.


 This is why I have has created a program to teach kids the twins the right away avoid the mix ups in the first place rather than dealing with UNDOING them when they are older and disillusioned.  Click on the Pirate /P/ Pay to unearth our coloring book that allows for this relaxed discovery together with just you and your child.




Twins could be alike but just different enough to have different entities in which they have a relationship like this.


 Enjoy reading together with your child before any undoing has to take place, with our colored character book, also on the market.





Keep the innocence of youth, and make sure that reading has the thrill it had when our child started out.






Can you figure out how the bais and pay are loud and quiet?

Can you see what about the pictures makes them a stop sound?




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